we don't beat around the bush

The band

Last night M. & I went to a concert.  It was small venue.  The unfortunate thing was that there was no ‘talent’.

So, we stayed after the bands had finished playing (only to finish our beers, of course), and began talking to the musicians.  They were all really friendly, but what we began to realize was that we had absolutely nothing in common with them.  They were interested in going out with us after the show, but we left as they were packing up their equipment.

If we were to ever date artists again, we could give them 6 months, and then we’d have to give them the unfortunate news-Cut your hair.  Get a real job.  Then you can come to my company Christmas party.

Yes, things now revolve around the approval of those we work with.  We can’t be seen fratinizing with artists.  Bleeding hearts.  Those who see beauty in simple things.  Do recreational drugs.  And who sleep during waking hours and “work” during sleeping hours.

We need a man who is powerful.  A man with great ambition.  And a man who is tall and handsome.

Until then.


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